We set a higher standard of physical therapy practice by giving you our undivided attention.


ACTIVCORE was founded by 3 physical therapists and 1 personal trainer on a mission to revolutionize physical therapy through their breakthrough healthcare delivery model.

It all started in 2004 when Ian and Jamie Kornbluth opened their first practice in Princeton, New Jersey. Instead of a cramped treatment environment dictated by insurance payers, they offered a more personalized, one-on-one setting for people to recover fast from injuries, restore health and perform better. The word spread quickly throughout the Princeton community about this patient-centered approach that valued QUALITY over QUANTITY.

ACTIVCORE Co-Founders (pictured left to right): Tyler Joyce, Jamie Kornbluth, Ian Kornbluth, Michael Leonardi

In 2009, Ian and Jamie partnered with Tyler Joyce and Michael Leonardi to bring Redcord suspension into their practice. Together, they re-branded the clinic as ACTIVCORE and set out to change the game of physical therapy forever.

At that time, ACTIVCORE was among just a handful of physical therapy clinics to offer Redcord suspension. They were proud to be part of an emerging movement in physical rehabilitation and professional sports that was addressing the neuromuscular system. This treatment method became known as Redcord NEURAC (NEURomuscular ACtivation) which aims to restore functional and pain-free movement patterns through high levels of neuromuscular stimulation in ropes.

By 2011, ACTIVCORE became recognized as the national headquarters for Redcord suspension education and training in the United States. Together, along with other physical therapists around the country, these four founding members established over 10 educational training centers to teach Redcord suspension and the revolutionary NEURAC (NEURomuscular-ACtivation) treatment method to hundreds of physical therapists, occupational therapists and athletic trainers.

Tyler Joyce, pictured below, teaching Redcord suspension to a class of physical therapists.

Today, ACTIVCORE at Princeton serves both as the national headquarters for Redcord suspension, and as a flagship physical therapy model for future ACTIVCORE locations. Every ACTIVCORE provider must follow the same set of core values originally instilled by Ian and Jamie Kornbluth into their first practice location more than a decade ago. For more information about the ACTIVCORE franchise model, visit www.out-of-network.com



In today’s fast-paced healthcare system, it has become common practice for physical therapists to double, triple or even quadruple up patients during a treatment hour. They divide their time among multiple patients and use rehab aides to help them carry out the services. This is a volume-driven physical therapy model dictated by insurance companies.

ACTIVCORE is different. We offer a more individualized treatment experience where the physical therapist focuses on just one person at a time. We believe that it takes our undivided attention to fully comprehend and treat the complexities of your specific physical limitation or condition. This is a value-driven physical therapy model that always puts your needs first.


ACTIVCORE locations stand apart as leading Redcord suspension specialists in a geographic region. Every ACTIVCORE provider must go through the entire educational track to become either a Certified Neurac Provider (CNP) or a Certified Redcord Active Specialist (RAS). Furthermore, every ACTIVCORE location offers premium level, one-on-one physical therapy and personal training services on the Redcord suspension system.

As the national headquarters, we also offer more than 100 hours of live continuing education coursework (CEU and CEC courses) to physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, Pilates instructors, and other health and wellness professionals.

Many industry leaders are learning how to use Redcord suspension, such as the athletic training staff at the United States Olympic Committee, Princeton University, the University of Michigan, and the Washington Capitals and Nationals teams. Additionally, numerous professors of physical therapy are adopting Redcord suspension into their everyday clinical practice at Emory University, Oakland University, Chapman University, California State University Northridge, and other accredited physical therapy schools.